Windows Server Issues and solutions

VPN not working.

I recently encountered an interesting problem. I got a pop up saying that my antivirus had detected a virus.It asked me to clean it.So I did. And then everything started working as I wanted. But later I noticed that I was not able to connect to my vpn. My vpn error said that the System Center Health Agent could not initialize. So I went and applied the settings suggested on this page.

But the last one said that the wscsvc service did not exist. So I checked my computer and the service did not exist. Well,I thought,now how can I bring this service back. Here is the link to do it.

So the service was back but still no vpn access.

I ran sfc /scannow in the administrative command prompt to restore system files if missing. Still no vpn access.

While I was reading the technet article listed above, a post from another user caught my attention.

“I installed the registry file and while MSE seems to be working, I can’t even find the Windows Security Center, and neither Windows Defender or my Windows Firewall want to turn on.Are these related issues?”

This got me looking at my firewall service and what do you know, I was missing it too.

Then I stumbled on the following link to reinstall the reg key for the firewall service.

Many thanks to the solution suggested by Narenxp. I was able to restore the firewall and the defender.

After a restart of the pc my vpn started working again.


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