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Using SCOM get-scomalert criteria

The scom alerts for a particular computer can be retrieved by the following commands. Get-SCOMAlert -ResolutionState 0 | ?{$_.PrincipalName -match ‘SQL’ -OR $_.PrincipalName -match ‘WEB’} Get-SCOMAlert -Criteria {ResolutionState = 0 and PrincipalName like ‘%SQL%’  or PrincipalName like ‘%WEB%’}} There is significant … Continue reading

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Increase number of objects seen in SCSM SharePoint portal query result prompt

Connect to your SharePoint portal server and open inetmgr. Navigate to Sites – SCSMWebContentServer – ServiceHost Double click Application Settings. From Actions select add and add the following value. Name: MaximuminstanceCount Value: 5000

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When was your server rebooted last

Use this command in windows cmd to get the last time your server booted up or was rebooted. C:\>systeminfo | findstr /i boot System Boot Time: 10/5/2016, 1:13:08 PM Boot Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume2 As to who rebooted it ;). You can … Continue reading

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Put Scom Agents and Cluster Servers in Maintenance mode and reboot

Here is a script to put your scom agents including clusters in maintenance mode and rebooting them at a specified time. First you will have to create a task and a management pack in SCOM for rebooting the servers. Link on … Continue reading

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